Product Update – Introducing Cloudamatic 2.0

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We are proud to announce a major product update to Cloudamatic, eGlobalTech’s open-source solution for automating cloud adoption, migration, and operations. This one-click cloud deployment solution is currently used across the federal government, resulting in sustainable cost saving for multiple agencies. Cloudamatic 2.0’s new features were designed to create an even better experience for any cloud deployment or migration. Leveraging our lessons learned and technical expertise, our team focused on producing new functionality and increased ease of use to empower your team to work on more complex issues.

There are several new benefits as a result of this product update:

  • Manage projects across multiple cloud accounts from one central hub
    • It’s now possible to deploy into and monitor multiple environments (e.g. Development, QA, Production), or even multiple disparate projects from a single management host. This removes the need to provision separate management servers for every cloud account.
  • Provision projects in G Suite-driven Google Cloud environments
    • As a project defines an effective authentication boundary in the Google Cloud, Cloudamatic now makes it easy to provision wholly self-contained environments for individual applications or developers. A new internal project, for example, can be safely segregated-by-default into a space where it can’t accidentally impact other projects, without needing to devise a complex set of rules to enforce permissions.
  • Full automation of AWS user and group management
    • With the ability to reliably, repeatably generate AWS permission structures, Cloudamatic now supports full automation of user and group management of AWS console and API users, as well as make application-level permissions write-once, deploy-many.
  • Automate the continuous deployment of Lambda and API Gateway applications
    • Applications that leverage server-less computing through AWS Lambda and API management through AWS API Gateway will now benefit from automated and consistent deployments. These are integrated into the application’s CI/CD pipeline by default.
  • Use the cloud-mu gem to simplify authentication setup when writing maintenance scripts against AWS or GCP APIs
    • Writing maintenance scripts to interact with cloud providers often means jumping through complicated hoops just to authenticate to the API. Cloudamatic now has built-in credential-handling for supported cloud providers, enabling users to save time and simplify their code in one move. Our cloud-mu gem is now available on rubygems at

Interested in learning more about Cloudamatic 2.0? Contact us today to learn more.

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